V-KOOL Ultimate Solitaire Series is the latest technological breakthrough from V-KOOL. V-KOOL Ultimate Solitaire Series products are V-KOOL™ top-of-line range and are sputtered with rare metals such as gold, silver and indium oxide. V-KOOL Limited Edition Series incredible heat rejection will provide one of the coolest rides for V-KOOL™ customers. The V-KOOL Ultimate Solitaire Series offers a triple solution of ultimate privacy, luxury comfort, and legendary performance.





Excellent Optical Clarity

Enjoy excellent optical clarity via the film’s visible light transmission performance.

Excellent Heat Rejection

Enjoy reduced heat transmission because of the infra-red reflection capabilities.

Developed in USA

Experience superior quality product technology that was developed in Silicon Valley, USA.

Excellent Shielding against UV

Protect skin by blocking out 99% of UV rays.

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