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V-KOOL X15 is the ideal solution for customers who want to control visible light reflections while reducing or minimizing the heat of the vehicle.

It is the industry's leading film technology that provides excellent visibility compared to films with typical dark visible light transmittance while achieving only 12% visible light reflectance.

17.0%  Visible Light Transmission

12.0%  Visible Light Reflectance

69%   Total Solar Energy Rejection

99%  UV Light Rejection

Superior Glare Reduction

Help to reduce glare while delivering the benefit of privacy protection.

Excellent Shielding against UV

Protect skin by blocking out more than 99% of UV rays.

Extra-ordinary Heat Rejection

Enjoy reduced heat transmission because of the infra-red reflection capabilities.

Developed in USA

Experience superior quality product technology that was developed in Silicon Valley, USA.

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